Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Update

We went up Logan Canyon for some family pictures. It was such a beautiful day, and we loved all the colorful leaves. Jackson wasn't looking at the camera very often because he loved staring up at the trees.

With fall comes hunting season. Jackson and I sure missed Brad when he left for his hunt, but we were so excited he got a huge buck on opening day and was able to come home early. Brad has been making lots of yummy jerky for our freezer.
We also had Jackson's baby blessing. Brad gave Jackson a beautiful blessing, and we enjoyed spending the day with our family and friends.
I can't believe Jackson is almost three months old already! We have been trying to help him learn to push himself up when he is on his tummy. He hasn't quite got it yet because he loves to put his arms back and lock his elbows. He does this with his arms a lot. It looks like he is ski jumping. These next couple pictures are of Jackson "ski jumping".
We also had a great Halloween dinner at my mom's house, but I forgot my camera, I'll have to get pictures from her. The dinner was so much fun, and my mom did such a cute job, as always. We have loved the fall season and feel sad to see the weather get cold, but we are looking forward to the Holidays that come along with it. This next picture is what happens when Brad is changing Jackson. I love my boys so much!