Friday, November 4, 2011

Brad is gone camping with the 11 year old scouts tonight. I hope they don't freeze to death! It is supposed to snow tonight. I am glad I am home in my warm house and not in a cold sleeping bag. So I figured now would be a good time to give a little update of what we've been doing this fall...

Jackson has become a much better eater. One of his new favorite foods is spaghetti. This was his second helping:)
We've been learning to make our own pizza. Brad made this beauty all by himself, even made the crust from scratch! It was so delicious we made it two nights in a row:)

We've been enjoying our last warm days of the year. Jackson loves going to the park by our house. He always snuggles with me like this on the swing. I love it!
We also love going on walks. We have a beautiful trail by our house that runs along the Logan River.
Jackson has been getting his first set of molars. See the lovely drool on his shirt?;) And he learned to copy Brad's "o" face!
We've carved some nice pumpkins. Here is one of Brad's pumpkins this year.
And we had fun with this cute little monkey!
Well that's it for my random post of pictures. We have had a wonderful fall and are getting so excited for the holidays!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jackson is 1! What?!

My sweet little Jackson turned 1 on August 8th. This last year has been the best year of our lives. Brad and I can't imagine our family without Jackson and are so grateful everyday to be his parents. I still can't believe a whole year has gone by; it went way too fast!

We celebrated Jackson's birthday with a family party. Jackson was totally spoiled by everyone. Being the only grandbaby on both sides will do that I guess:) I even made Jackson a dairy free cupcake, since he has a milk allergy, which he wanted nothing to do with. Oh well! We had so much fun being with our family and enjoying the beautiful day.

Jackson is at such a fun age. He is walking, starting to talk, gives the sweetest kisses, points at everything, and loves exploring every little detail that surrounds him. His favorite things right now are music, his special blankie, and any kind of ball. He loves anything he can feed himself (food doesn't taste as good if I try and feed it to him I guess) and loves drinking from a straw. He is definitely a momma's boy; I'm enjoying that while it lasts:) I love his big cheesy grin, showing off his cute little baby teeth. He still isn't the greatest sleeper, but at least we get to spend lots of time snuggling in the rocking chair. We just love our little man so very much!

Our friend Sami Jo is an awesome photographer, and she took some pictures of our family and Jackson at 1 year. Here a few of our favorites:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

1st Haircut

My friend Brijin, who cuts my hair, was so sweet to give Jackson his first haircut. Jackson did so good. He was very serious the whole time, but didn't cry. He was a little squirmy, especially when the razor tickled the back of his neck:) I was a little sad because he looks so much older to me now. I know there is still plenty of soft, adorable baby hair on his little head, but I feel like he is growing up too fast!




Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the good food, fireworks, nice weather, time off's fabulous! I was feeling bummed that we were not going to see the fireworks this year, since Jackson would have been so tired. But then Ben came to stay with us and was so nice to watch Jackson while Brad and I watched the fireworks. We rode our cruiser bikes and found a spot we could see the show. It was so much fun. Thanks Ben!

The next morning, we all headed up to Star Valley to spend the weekend with Brad's dad. Allen put so much thought into the wonderful food. Brad always teases me about how food is my hobby. I love yummy food so much! We had awesome tinfoil dinners and a big breakfast on the morning of the 4th. We had fun riding the four wheelers and taking a little hike behind the house. Brad got lots of target practice with his bow; he's getting ready for his archery elk tag this fall. Brad also had fun picking up his elk from the taxidermist. I thought it was very entertaining to see how much attention that elk mount got from Brad, Allen, and Ben. Crazy hunters! I don't think I'll ever understand why they love hunting so much:)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lovin Summer

We have been having a wonderful summer. Here is a little update on some of what we have been up to the past few weeks:

Brad has been able to go fishing a couple of times. Jackson thought all the fishing gear was pretty fun:)
We had a blast going to Bear Lake with our friends, the de la Houssaye's. I feel bad I didn't get a picture of everyone, but I promise they were there! Bart grilled the best steak I've ever eaten. We played at the beach....Oh wait, there is no beach at Bear Lake. Just lots of rocks! We were kinda bummed about the lack of sand, but we made up for it by playing in the pool, eating lots of yummy food, and playing games. It was so good to get away for a couple days.
(Jackson was so snugly after swimming. I was in heaven!)

This last Saturday we went up Green Canyon with my family for a dutch oven breakfast and hike. Brad got me a backpack to carry Jackson in for my birthday. He let me have it early so I could use it on our hike:) Jackson and I both loved it!
And yesterday we celebrated Father's Day. Brad is the most amazing dad and husband, and I feel so lucky to have him! He adores his little man, and I love how much fun they have together. Thanks for all you do for us Brad; we love you so much!

I was happy to spend part of the day with my own dad. He is a great example to me, and I always know my dad is there for me. I love you dad! And he is such a great grandpa to Jackson:) My dad gets so excited to spend time with Jackson, and seeing the two of them together is adorable.

We've had fun going on walks, bike rides, breaking out the grill, and just being together. Jackson is cruising all over the place. He army crawls, walks along furniture, and took his first steps just last week. He babbles all day long, and is still such a happy baby. He keeps growing so fast! Jackson is loving summer. He would be perfectly happy to be outside all day long.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We took a trip to Star Valley to visit Brad's dad and help him hang his gigantic moose on the wall, above the stairs. Talk about a good arm workout; I thought I was going to die helping to lift that thing. It was so heavy! Jackson found a new friend while we were there:)
We had the annual Fairbourn family easter egg hunt. It was a blast, even though I only found three eggs. I was going for quality, not quantity I guess. Brad has finally mastered the egg hunt strategy and found the most money eggs (he hasn't had a lot of luck in past years).I'm lucky he decided to share his treasures with me since I did so poorly;) Even though we are all getting older now, we love the egg hunt my parents put on. It gets really competitive and everyone has so much fun!

We had a wonderful Easter. We were able to spend the day together as a family, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and had a delicious dinner at my parents house. I am so grateful for my Savior and the knowledge I have of the gospel. I really love Easter Sunday, and my heart has been so full as I think about our Savior's sacrifice for each one of us and that He lives.

We took a few pictures after church on Easter. Here a few of my favorites:

Lastly, we have been having lots of laughs at our house lately. Jackson is getting so much personality and loves to laugh. He laughs all the time, which makes us laugh, which makes him laugh....You get the idea:) Brad was playing peek-a-boo the other night during dinner and Jackson was loving it. I feel so blessed!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 Months

My little Jackson Man is 8 months old! Where did the time go? It amazes me how fast babies learn and grow. Sometimes I feel sad because I can't ever seem to get enough of my precious baby; I am trying hard to just enjoy every minute I get with him. He is such a sweet baby, and we feel so blessed to have him in our family. I can't imagine life without him.

Some of my favorite things about Jackson at 8 months:

Jackson gives kisses(extremely wet ones) and will even try and kiss himself when looking in the mirror.He has a fascination with jewelry, especially necklaces. Give him a necklace and he is entertained forever!

He has two bottom teeth that are about half way grown, and is just starting to get two on the top.
His favorite activities: going on walks, taking all the toys out of his toy box, playing with his music table, walking back and forth between Brad and I (we have to hold his hands), and taking baths.

He is so content no matter what! For example he gets so excited to get in the tub, but thinks it is so fun to get out too! Maybe this is because he knows Brad will tickle his feet when he is wrapped up in his towel. He starts laughing in anticipation, I love his laugh. But seriously, he is so happy all of the time. He often goes all day with out ever crying, I feel so spoiled.

I love his crazy hair!

He is finally getting more interested in solid food. Yeah! Now that he is eating more solid food, he seems to be sleeping better through the night. He goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up at 7:30am. He still wakes up to eat once or twice most nights, but he is big boy and is just really hungry!

Oh, I almost forgot! I love his chub! I don't see his neck very often due to his adorable chubby cheeks! They are so fun to kiss!

I love you Jackson!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snow Fun

I have been sad to have such bad weather lately. Jackson and I have definitely missed our afternoon walks. But today, I was thrilled to enjoy all of this fresh snow. My family went snowmobiling at Beaver Creek Lodge in Logan Canyon. We had a blast! I have not been snowmobiling since Brad and I first started dating. Hugging him on the back of the snowmobile made me remember our dating days, and it was fun to get out and do something so fun together. Jackson hung out with Nana in the Lodge while we went. I'm not sure which one of them had more fun.

Brad and I found some sweet basins to play in, and we only got stuck once! The fresh powder on all the trees was absolutely beautiful. I loved every minute of it, but now I am ready for Spring to come back:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brad's New Job!

Brad has been looking for GIS work since he graduated in May 2010. After dozens of applications and lots of prayers, someone finally gave Brad the chance to interview. It must have gone well since he got the job and started working at USU on Monday! To be honest, I don't completely understand everything Brad will be doing at work, but I know he is excited for the combination of lab and field work. Most days Brad will manage a lab on campus. However, other days he will be up in the air collecting data with fancy lasers. They then take that data to create maps and such. Next month they are traveling to Africa for three weeks. Crazy! Brad will probably laugh when he reads my description of his job, but that is the best I can do:)

This new job is a great blessing for our family, but change isn't always easy. Brad has been installing flooring this past year, which has allowed him to be home a lot with a fairly flexible schedule. Jackson and I have been spoiled having Brad home most of the time. It was fun to have so much time to spend together. This new job will take Brad away from home more often, but it will hopefully be a job Brad loves and will take him in the direction he wants to go with his career. We have really missed him this week, but we are so grateful for the opportunity Brad has been given, and feel lucky to be able to stay in our home we love. Brad works so hard for our little family, and I am forever grateful for the sweet husband and wonderful daddy that he is. He even let me take a quick picture of him heading out the door for his first day of work.

I couldn't post without mentioning our sweet Jackson:) He is such a delightful little boy, even when he is teething! Yesterday his bottom two teeth finally broke through. He has been making this face a lot; I think it must feel good on his little gums.

Here is a pic of him today in his green. Happy St. Patrick's Day!