Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brad's New Job!

Brad has been looking for GIS work since he graduated in May 2010. After dozens of applications and lots of prayers, someone finally gave Brad the chance to interview. It must have gone well since he got the job and started working at USU on Monday! To be honest, I don't completely understand everything Brad will be doing at work, but I know he is excited for the combination of lab and field work. Most days Brad will manage a lab on campus. However, other days he will be up in the air collecting data with fancy lasers. They then take that data to create maps and such. Next month they are traveling to Africa for three weeks. Crazy! Brad will probably laugh when he reads my description of his job, but that is the best I can do:)

This new job is a great blessing for our family, but change isn't always easy. Brad has been installing flooring this past year, which has allowed him to be home a lot with a fairly flexible schedule. Jackson and I have been spoiled having Brad home most of the time. It was fun to have so much time to spend together. This new job will take Brad away from home more often, but it will hopefully be a job Brad loves and will take him in the direction he wants to go with his career. We have really missed him this week, but we are so grateful for the opportunity Brad has been given, and feel lucky to be able to stay in our home we love. Brad works so hard for our little family, and I am forever grateful for the sweet husband and wonderful daddy that he is. He even let me take a quick picture of him heading out the door for his first day of work.

I couldn't post without mentioning our sweet Jackson:) He is such a delightful little boy, even when he is teething! Yesterday his bottom two teeth finally broke through. He has been making this face a lot; I think it must feel good on his little gums.

Here is a pic of him today in his green. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Last weekend we decided to escape the cold for a few days and take a mini vacation to St. George. It was so nice to get away for a few days and enjoy the beautiful weather. While in St. George we toured Brigham Young's house. At the house there is a giant pecan tree. You can just gather the pecans that have fallen and eat as many as you want. I learned that I love fresh pecans! They were so delicious!

We visited with friends, relaxed, went on walks, and ate ice cream at Krave (we love their ice cream). It was a fun get away, and now I am really anxious for Spring to come to Logan.

My little man always brightens my day. This video makes me so happy. Enjoy!