Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Reunion in Hatch

We just got back from a fun reunion in Hatch!  It may seem like a random place for a family reunion....but that is where my Grandpa Wilson is from and he loves to go back to where he grew up.  There is a beautiful ranch with adorable cabins to rent out.  We hung out, played softball, ate lots of yummy food, sang old songs accompanied by the accordion, and had a horseshoes tournament (Brad and I may or may not have gotten out in the first round).

My cousin, Derik, has two cute kids that are really close in age to my two boys.  Jackson and Nixon were together pretty much the whole trip.  If one had a drink, the other needed one too.  If one went potty, so did the other.  If one put on their shoes, the other was right behind with his shoes in hand.  You get the idea:)  They were such cute buddies.

Brad went fishing a couple of times.  Hatch has great fishing from what I hear, and Brad caught several.  I'm sure he could tell you a lot more detail about that, but I just know he caught lots of fish:)

Traveling with two kids can be long, so we spent the night in Provo on the way to the reunion.  We enjoyed swimming in the hotel pool, where we ran into my cousin, Mike, and his family. Small world!  We stayed in Provo so we could see the 4th of July parade before driving the rest of the way to Hatch.  Jackson did a lot of dancing and clapping.  Jace somehow slept through most of it.  It was pretty hot, but fun.

We also got to visit our awesome friends, the Van Orman's.  They were only 15 minutes from the reunion, so we were so excited to be so close. We had a great day with them.  Jackson, Jack, and Nellie had fun playing and singing songs together; it was the cutest little choir I have ever heard! The ranch they live on is beautiful, but I still wish they would move back to Logan:)

We really needed a family vacation, so I'm so glad we could have such a fun week.  But now I have lots of laundry and unpacking, two of my least favorite things!