Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to the blogging world!

I just welcomed myself, because there wasn't anyone else to welcome me. Brad here, Nicki has been talking about setting up a blog for a while, but never knows what to write. So I reviewed many blogs, updated by many of you fellow bloggers, and came to the conclusion that nothing very exciting has to happen in order to blog about it. For example, Nicki and I just put together this blog. We sat around this evening, started talking about blogs, looked at some...looked some more, then signed up...looked at some more stuff, and found a background that [we] liked. (don't tell Nicki, but I think it is a little girly) Then we put it all together and I made this banner and came up with this really creative name for our blog..."The Carters." So it isn't so exciting, but proves my point that even though this blog creation was not a life-changing event, or even all that fun...I can still blog about it, and you read it. So welcome to our blog, I'm not sure how often I will write on this because of the girly background, but enjoy yourselves while your here!