Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jackson Turns 3!

My little buddy turned 3 in August.  I love having a 3 year old.  Of course we have our moments of meltdowns and craziness, but all the sweet moments make it all so worth it.
 (Jackson at swimming lessons)

(Boating at Bear Lake for Kaden's birthday)

 (Just outside the Sacred Grove)

(New York frog)

Jackson amazes me with his sense of humor and photographic memory.  He will remember the location, color, number, etc. of things he saw months ago.  (He did not get this memory to detail from me. haha!)  I wish I could somehow remember every tiny detail about Jackson at this age, but sadly I don't share his same memory abilities.

Jackson love love loves his blankie and bear.  If we can't find them, he always says " I can't sleep without my blankie and bear!"  So so true.  We once lost if for a couple of days (it was at my moms).  I was in tears and frantically searching on the internet to try and find somewhere to get a new one.  Luckily we found it before I bought the crazy expensive one that I found on ebay:)

Jackson loves to play with cars and planes.  He also loves riding his bike and swinging at the park.  He has finally overcome his fear of the big slide!  Yeah!  He sings all day, and often makes up his own songs.  They are awesome!  He loves to wrestle with his daddy and Jace, have dance parties, play the piano, help me cook, color, read stories, and play games.

He says the cutest things.  For example.....The other day, after getting home from church, Grandpa Carter asked him if he was a cowboy since he had his boots on.  Jackson said " No, I just a church guy." I laughed as he strutted off in his boots that he loves so much.

About a week ago Jackson was talking to me about Santa.  I asked him if he wanted to write him a letter.  Jackson was playing with an old phone and said "No. I'll just text him."  And he did just that.

For his 3 year old party we had a water slide in Nana's backyard.  I'm not sure who loved it more, Jackson or Brad:)  We had Jackson safe cupcakes, but Jackson just licked off the frosting.  Maybe someday he'll actually eat the cake.  I am so grateful every day that Jackson is in our family.  Love you Jax!