Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jace's First Year and Feeling Grateful

This sweet boy turned one in September!  Can you tell that he loved his birthday cake?!  We had a little family party at my moms house.  We had dinner, cake, presents(which Jackson mostly opened), and enjoyed playing outside.  It was pretty low key, but such a wonderful day to celebrate Jace.

Jace cruising around on his birthday.  He can only go backwards!

Jace had a rough first nine months of life, and I am so happy to have it all behind us now.  I am often asked if Jace is doing ok, and I happy to finally say YES!  After 3 surgeries, countless doctors, lots and lots of pain and tears.... Jace is finally fistula free.  I am so grateful that we found a good surgeon who could fix the problem for good.
 Getting prepped for his first surgery in December 2012.

Driving home after his third surgery in May 2013. He was so exhausted.

Jace is so sweet, but don't get on his bad side because he likes to bite!  I'm not sure what to do about that. He has the best laugh ever and is such a happy baby.  Even with all he's been through in his first year, he usually has a smile on his face.  People often comment to us how Jace always seems to be so happy.  I feel like it was such a blessing to have such a happy baby, so that we could have lots of smiles in between the tears and sad times.

Jace loves to try and do whatever Jackson is doing. He loves to climb on everything, take baths, wrestle, eat, sleep without a blanket, blow raspberries, snuggle, give kisses, put on shoes, and play outside. Just to name a few:) 

Since it has been 3 months since Jace's birthday, it is now the Christmas season as I write this post.  I have felt extra blessed and grateful this year.  This time, last year it was very difficult and stressful to venture out of the house.  So I am feeling so free and blessed. We have had so much fun doing such simple things.  I have loved being able to drive around and look at Christmas lights, go to the movies, pull the kids around in a sled, make cookies together, and just feel a lack of stress.  I love this times of year so much, and I love it even more now that I have my 3 silly boys to share it with!