Friday, November 4, 2011

Brad is gone camping with the 11 year old scouts tonight. I hope they don't freeze to death! It is supposed to snow tonight. I am glad I am home in my warm house and not in a cold sleeping bag. So I figured now would be a good time to give a little update of what we've been doing this fall...

Jackson has become a much better eater. One of his new favorite foods is spaghetti. This was his second helping:)
We've been learning to make our own pizza. Brad made this beauty all by himself, even made the crust from scratch! It was so delicious we made it two nights in a row:)

We've been enjoying our last warm days of the year. Jackson loves going to the park by our house. He always snuggles with me like this on the swing. I love it!
We also love going on walks. We have a beautiful trail by our house that runs along the Logan River.
Jackson has been getting his first set of molars. See the lovely drool on his shirt?;) And he learned to copy Brad's "o" face!
We've carved some nice pumpkins. Here is one of Brad's pumpkins this year.
And we had fun with this cute little monkey!
Well that's it for my random post of pictures. We have had a wonderful fall and are getting so excited for the holidays!


  1. Those pictures were so great! And I would definitely be grateful that I was not camping also!

  2. I LOVE the update!! We love homemade pizza too!! ; )Hope brad survived the camp...I'm sure HE did but maybe not the scouts.

  3. I loved the pictures! He so grown up! The pizza looks awesome, and did they ever finish the trail the scouts started up the road? We miss you and your cute family. Thanks for blogging